MilesWeb Review: 12 Pros and 1Con of MilesWeb Unlimited Hosting

To start with, I would like to question you “how do to shop for your requirements?” I mean do you go for window shopping or sit comfortably on your couch and browse online sites to buy the desired product?

Of course, the majority will go for online shopping only. Online shopping has made the lives of humans simpler and easier as you get the products at your doorstep. Whenever you want to buy anything, you just switch on your laptop’s or computer’s or mobile’s internet, browse your desired product, click on one of the shopping sites from a list that appears, select your product and buy it. You then get a message from the website that your product will be shipped on so and so day and will get delivered to your doorstep on a particular date.

That’s amazing! This saves your time and energy to visit different shops and find your desired products. So, it takes just a few minutes to shop for your desired product online.

Now if you think from a shopkeeper’s point of view, even they need to unpack each of the items to you. This wastes their time too and they don’t get anything if you don’t buy the product after wasting their energy. Are you one of those shopkeepers? If you don’t want this to happen with you, you can start your online store immediately. Eager to know how that’s done? Let’s get started.

To develop your website you can either take the help of a web developer or design it on your own by using the free website builder tool offered by some of the providers. Prior to that, you will need to register a domain from a domain registrar. Also, some of the web hosts offer you a free domain. Do you want to know one such provider?

I am talking about MilesWeb. Let’s check more about them.

MilesWeb Origin and Objective

The company was started in 2012 in India with an aim to help the growing businesses with the use of the latest server technology and affordable hosting prices. You will find several hosting solutions with them right from shared and unlimited to dedicated and VPS, WordPress hosting to Magento hosting and cheap reseller hosting India to cloud hosting. Here we are going to check the features of unlimited web hosting.

Pros of Unlimited Web Hosting

  • Get Your Domain Registered for Free: As I told you, some web hosts such as MilesWeb offer you a free domain name. With this, you save your time and money to get your domain registered at some other place.
  • Migrate for Free: You can migrate your website without paying them anything extra. If your current web host isn’t able to fulfill your website’s requirements, MilesWeb’s team is always there to migrate your website on their server. Simply let them know your convenient time for migration and your website will be migrated with all your data safely to their servers.
  • Secure Your Website with SSL: Your website will always remain safe from hackers because an SSL certificate is installed on all the websites hosted at MilesWeb.
  • Build Your Website: You get a free website builder with which you can build your desired website simply by dragging and dropping the elements in your desired template. You don’t need to have coding skills for building the website.
  • Faster Storage with SSDs: SSDs are used on all the servers of MilesWeb as they offer faster performance as compared to HDDs. Using flash technology helps SSDs to store the data at a faster rate and then improve your website’s performance.
  • Secure Email Accounts: You can access your emails from anywhere and at any time safely. Webmail allows you to do this and supports IMAP/POP3 accounts.
  • Easy to Use cPanel: cPanel helps you to manage your client’s domain, website, databases, emails, and more easily.
  • Install Applications Easily: You can install applications in just a single click. Softaculous allows you to install over 400 applications such as WordPress, Magento, and many more.
  • Get Your Account Setup Instantly: You can set up your account instantly after your payment is confirmed. There is no need to wait for a long time to launch your website.
  • Latest PHP and MySQL: MilesWeb offers the latest versions of PHP and MySQL so that your website remains updated and works smoothly.
  • Select Your Datacenter: You can select your desired datacenter location from India, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Canada for offering low latency to your audience.
  • Scan and Remove Malware: The malware scan tool scan for any virus and malware on your website and removes them immediately, if detected.

Con of MilesWeb Unlimited Hosting

Paid Website Backup: Website backup is optional while selecting the unlimited hosting plans at MilesWeb. Also, you need to pay for the website backup feature as it isn’t offered for free.

Customer Support

MilesWeb customer support team is available 24/7 to help their clients with their queries. You can either have a live chat with them or email them your queries at the support email.

Customer Reviews

Bottom Line

You can easily take your business online with web hosting and MilesWeb helps you to easily take your business online at an affordable price.

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